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Ray Brehm
About becoming an Author
It all started with The Soul of Success
My smile must have been bursting through the Facetime call. I was walking down Hollywood Boulevard, talking to my wife. I was on a break from a mastermind session with other entrepreneurs turned authors. The next day I was to receive a Best-Selling Author award.

She said, "I haven't seen you smile that much about your work life before." She was right; I had found my calling. I was around the people I wanted to be around. They were successful, ambitious entrepreneurs who had written books.

I suddenly knew what I had to do. I had to help other entrepreneurs feel this way. I had to help them get over the procrastination hurdles of writing their first book. The idea of Dauntless Prose (my publishing and author training company) was born, right there in Hollywood.

From Entrepreneur to Author
I had written a chapter in a book with Jack Canfield. My chapter discussed using Stand Up Comedy to push the limits of our comfort zones and tolerance for risk. The opportunity to work with Jack Canfield propelled me on my quest to become a writer and learn the world of digital marketing associated with publishing.

My passion for writing expanded the more I learned. Every time I can help an entrepreneur become a published author, I get fired up!

A book is such a powerful tool for the entrepreneur. I can't think of anything you can do in a reasonably short period that rivals the credibility a book brings. 

Are you a Journalist or English Major?
No. When I first started writing, I ran into someone who asked me that question. The woman had majored in English in college. She asked me what qualifications I had to write. I quickly responded “passion and experience.”

I don’t know how I came up with that answer so quickly at the time, but the answer still holds true today. I was passionate about writing a book, and I had experience (as an entrepreneur) worth sharing.

What she had meant, of course, was “Do you have an English or Journalism degree?” Despite knowing in my heart what was important, I still was a little intimidated by the question.
The truth is this, English majors and journalists can be great writers. However, if they were the only ones who wrote books or the only ones that we all decided were qualified to write books, there would be a lot less practical knowledge shared.

You have knowledge that people want and need to know.
So the next time someone asks, or you question yourself internally about your qualifications, you just say passion and experience.

Mom was a teacher, Dad was in sales.....
Teaching runs in my family a little bit. My Mom and Aunt were both teachers. My Dad was in sales. They were all humble. I never saw my Dad "hard" close anyone. People bought from him because they liked him. 

It rubbed off (hopefully). I have the ability to simplify topics so that anyone can understand them. I hope I can help you. But most of all, I hope you write a book.

Success Always!


Why People Love
Author Your Success

"The conference went amazingly well!  We handed out my books and got requests for tons more (for the attending advisors to give to their investor clients)!

Man this book is a rock star business card!!"

 Jim Small
Founder and Managing Director
SANTÉ Realty Investments
The Boost I Needed!
"I have always wanted to write my book. This report and other Dauntless material has given me the boost I needed. I am now proud to consider myself a published author."

Kevin McCarthy
Founder and CEO
McCarthy Law PLLC
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